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Welcome to HAPPYtown!

we make smiles here

HAPPYtown™ is a community of creative ideas, thoughts, and products simply to make people smile.

WHiCH ONE? cards are a simple game with HAPPY playful artwork and interesting questions.
Whimsical scenarios start engaging and fun conversations.

Check out ALL the versions!

Created in collaboration with Preschool and Elementary Teachers!

NEW!! Rhyming Edition for kids ages 3–7.

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“Rhyming is a crucial pre-reading skill. Children who can rhyme see patterns
in reading that lead to more successful readers. These cards have engaging
illustrations and provide rhyming activities that can be used in several fun interactive ways!”

Michele, 2nd grade teacher

“I was excited to use the WHiCH ONE? cards with my students as another way
to introduce rhyming and higher-level thinking. With preschoolers it is important
to give them the answer when starting a new concept. Not only do they hear rhyming words,
they also need to produce one. I also enjoy giving them opportunities to think of new ideas
of reasons why one would choose the answer they gave.”

Jill, pre-k teacher

Teen Pack, Regular Edition (good for all ages) and Spanish Edition!

Booster Packs available.
Written by Teens for Teens!

Available in Spanish, too!!

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“WHiCH ONE? cards have been fantastic!

Especially with the kids with shorter attention spans. They’re great ice-breakers. And I love how they fit in my pocket for a quick go to. I even use them with my own kids at home!”

Sarah, Child Life Specialist,
Cleveland Clinic Children’s

100 DAYS countdown cards were especially created with Bone Marrow Transplant patients in mind. They are flat cards full of colorful drawings, fun jokes, and encouraging words.

Each day, choose a card and display them all on a clothesline with clips and brighten any room and heart. Making smiles one day at a time!

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“I looked forward to seeing what card I was going to get and what the message was going to say. I LOVED sharing them with the doctors and the nurses!”

Cheryl, HAPPYtown cards fan and cancer survivor

Our Story

(it’s a goodie!)


My name is Stacey Lamb and I am the official Founder and Mayor of HAPPYtown. I have been an artist since I was 10 years old. The PEANUTS characters were my favorite thing to draw. One of the things I like about being an artist is creating characters that I dream up and bring to life on paper.

But the BEST part of being an artist? Making people SMiLE!

So how did a love of art turn into a community of happy products?

A good pal of mine was diagnosed with cancer. As part of her treatment, Cheryl received a bone marrow transplant. During that process, she had to be in a germ-free environment for 100 days. That’s a long, lonely time to be away from your home, your family and friends, your pets … even your favorite recliner!

I wondered. What could I do to make my friend’s life a little bit brighter?

So I drew her 100 drawings. One for each day. I put them in a big envelope and told her to take ONE out to hang up everyday. As the days went by, the countdown to going home began.

The clothesline got full of colorful cards, her envelope became lighter and she was definitely SMiLiNG! And that’s how this little community started – using art to make people HAPPY.

By the way, my friend Cheryl is doing just fine!

CLS Love

(You ROCK!)

WHiCH ONE? cards were inspired by Child Life Specialists and Educators.

(Cos’ we think you are pretty cool.)

These cards are great tools to use as ice-breakers, fun conversation starters and distractions during difficult procedures.

Sarah Thompson and her colleagues at Cleveland Clinic Children’s collaborated with Stacey and helped us understand what product is fun for kids and is also suitable for a clinical environment.

It was a BLAST working with these folks and we hope that more Child Life Specialists will share their ideas with us at HAPPYtown, too. We are here to make your job just a little bit brighter!

Another idea from some Child Life Specialists …. TEEN Booster Packs! COMiNG iN 2018! ARE HERE!!!
Yet another CLS idea that has come to life …. A Spanish version

I have use them several times with different age groups and each time they have worked spectacularly!!! The pictures are wonderful to give the younger kids a visual and the older kids have read along with me and even begun answering the follow-up questions before I even say something. They have helped me provide good distraction throughout long procedures, as well.

-Sarah, CCLS

Besides using them for procedural distraction, they are great conversation starters. I find that I use these ideas in my personal life with my own kids!

-Patty, CCLS


Let’s put our heads together and make it happen! Just email us.